Too Much of a Good Thing?

June 30, 2018

Eighteen days in Gunnison, or as we locals say, Gunni. Based on today’s Touareg repair estimate, it looks like we still have two weeks to go. Earlier in the week, I had a breakdown. I had been driving a Yaris for two weeks and couldn’t take it anymore. I found a Jeep for rent and upgraded. The brightly colored Jeep is the native Coloradan’s midlife crisis car. 

We took the Jeep into the nearby mountains and scared the crap out of Leslie on the bumpy, single track, 4×4 trails to the top of the world. It was like having the old Touareg back except better, it was a rental.

Further proof that maybe we’ve been in Gunni too long….


Gunnison Colorado

July 13, 2018

Sometimes we plan ahead. Most times we don’t. And sometimes it doesn’t matter.






June 10, 2018

I remember my first year with the Airstream.  I didn’t go to Colorado.  I think I was scared of the mountains. I had a trailer behind me for the first time, I thought it was a good idea to avoid narrow, winding mountain roads. 

The second year, all that was out the window. This year we went from Durango to Ouray on the Million Dollar Highway, not bad, wouldn’t want to try it in the winter.

This is our fourth year in Colorado. The best thing about it is we take a different journey each time and are constantly finding new favorite places. We are poking our way north staying cool by staying high, Durango, Silverton, Ridgway. Currently we are camped north of Gunnison on the Taylor river. Many say the fly fishing is huge here, so far for me it is Fake News.





Not PC

May 19, 2018

In my simple little blog I try to be politically correct and mostly non confrontational.  I don’t talk much about religion or gun carry laws even though I have strong opinions on each. Today I have to vent on one of my pet peeves. I know I will make RV enemies, but I can’t help myself.

Did you know you need no special drivers license or training to drive a 40 foot motor home towing a 20 foot pickup truck. Think about that. Then think about who is driving these big rigs. The answer, wealthy, little old men and women. Yep they just retire, sell the Honda Accord and buy a big rig.

A secondary, scary fact (I kinda use fact in a Trump-yin way), most of the RVs you see with the scenic murals of National Parks and Rent me please adds, are driven by folks visiting from foreign countries. This is not part of an immigration debate.  I’m talking about mostly wealthy folks driving to National Parks on their vacations. Again no training required.

Why do I care? Two reasons. One is I’ve seen some scary driving in our travels. You know the kind of drivers that never get into accidents but just leave them in their rear view mirrors. And second and equally important, the kinda of behavior that completely destroys my campground tranquility. 

Which brings me to this morning. There I was sitting in my lawn chair enjoying my coffee when the beep, beep, beep of a truck in reverse combined with intermittent screech of air brakes and the rumbling of a 500 HP diesel went on for 45 minutes with the little old lady directing the little old man into the pull through campsite down the way.

Phew, time for my nap.


May 9, 2018

OK, it’s been two weeks. We sold the Evanston Condo and reunited with the Airstream in Tennessee. After a few days visiting and required Airstream maintenance we headed West. We now are in Santa Fe exploring the housing market.

It has been interesting. If you’ve been here you know all the houses are Pueblo style. Very different from vintage Evanston Condo or Colonial Revival Nashville homes. Landscaping here is minimalist desert. 

It’s been unseasonably hot making it difficult to convince Leslie that central air conditioning is not a requirement even though most homes here don’t have it. Also trying to convince her that green chilies are a better condiment than mayo on a hamburger.

I have my work cut out for me.

OK, Change is on the way

March 12, 2018

To recap. I haven’t worked in over four years. In that time I, now we, have traveled extensively. Four major Adventures of four to six months with the Airstream. The last three years with my new life companions Leslie and Rex.

What have I learned? Well sorry, no major philosophical teachings to bestow. It is a very good life. Being lazy suits me fine. We love the travel. The non-travel times have felt mostly like just waiting to go again, catching up on Netflix and other fantasy diversions like our beloved Chicago Blackhawks.

One option that some take is going “full time”. Giving up all that doesn’t fit into the RV and becoming complete nomads. We have pondered this and I don’t think being completely rootless suits us.

So the next step for us is leaving Chicagoland and finding a new basecamp. Our Evanston home is under contract and if all goes according to plan we will soon be homeless. I will miss Evanston and friends here, just like we still miss Nashville.

Where are we going to live? We are not sure, there have been a few areas with a strong pull, mostly out West. Many practical things to consider; taxes, healthcare and weather. Then also the important stuff; mountains, rivers, oceans, wildlife and hummingbirds.

Likely options in the order of most discussed, northern New Mexico, central or coastal Oregon, western North Carolina/East Tennessee and the coast of Maine.

So today, life is stressful. What to keep? What to give away? Everything else to storage and the Airstream.

More to come.