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Arizona, no wait Nevada

February 27,

I left Las Cruces on Monday, but not before finding a new favorite coffee shop near NMSU.  I headed west into Southern Arizona.  Found a State Park Campground (Karchner Caverns) outside of the town of Benson that was very nice.  As soon as I got to AZ, I noticed a definite change in demographics.  I think I was the youngest RV’er in the park.  There were also lots of aliens.  That is what my Canadian golf partner kept referring to himself as.  I stayed for 3 nights, visiting the old west town of Tombstone, did the cavern tour and hiked in the Coranado National Forest.  Found a really good little Mexican Restaurant in Benson.

This morning I left my Airstream.  I paid a guy $25.00 and he promised it would still be there when I get back in 10-12 days.  I am on my way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for 5 days of skiing and snowmobiling with my brother.

Surprisingly I find myself in Las Vegas for a night on my way to Jackson. I know it doesn’t seem logical, but look at the map, there is no good way to get from Southern AZ to Jackson Hole.  There are mountains and big canyons in the way.



In New Mexico

February 22

It is happening, I am loosing track of what day of the week it is. Or that best Downton Abbey line ever “whats a weekend?”

I am in New Mexico.  I was originally going to go to Guadelupe Mountains NP and Carlsbad Caverns but the weather forecast was for winds gusting up to 50mph.  This was the day after my “dirt road” adventure and I wasn’t mentally prepared for a white knuckle mountain drive.  So I went West on I 10.  When I got to El Paso, I needed a destination.  There is an app for that.  I found a Bureau of Land Management (BLM for you RV’ers) Campground, Aguirre Springs just east of Las Cruces.  It is very nice and now this is my third night And I might stay another.  Still no sign of Heisenberg.



Not a good sign

February 19,

So, the Touareg has a pretty sophisticated GPS system (someone recently suggested I read the manual) it gives you three route choices, so I picked “shortest distance”.  Maybe I should have hesitated when it said turn right on Old Maverick Road, but I didn’t.  In about 100 yards was “the sign”, Dirt Road next 14 Miles, High-clearance vehicles only.  OK, I need to turn around.  No 3-point turns with a 20 foot trailer.  After a while I realized there is only straight.  I rattled, bounced and avoided ruts for about an hour.  Didn’t see any other RV’ers on this route.  I obviously made it out.  Upon checking the Airstream (it is more brown than silver now) I noticed a brown liquid on the floor.  Uh-oh, should have emptied the holding tanks?  Upon further inspection and a little smelling I realized a “Shiner Bohemian Black Lager” exploded in the fridge.  I guess the only other damage is my ego and crowns from gritting my teeth for an hour.

Tonight I am camped at Balmorhea State Park in Texas on my way further west.  Couple of steaks in the fridge ;).


Not dead yet

February 18,

My brother had this concern, “what are you going to eat”?  Granted, given that I ate every meal out and now was planning on camping he had a valid question.  On the road and visiting with friends in Nashville and Grayton beach, I basically had no problem.  I ate every meal out.  I knew it would be different soon.  Before I got to GBNP I went to Walmart and bought some fruit, nuts, trail mix (notice no real groceries), thinking there were stores in the park, right.
Luckily there are stores in the Park.  It is like shopping at the BP station.  I had plenty of beer, already, had the trail mix, what more could one need.  Frozen burritos, frozen pre-made hamburgers, pre-made and hermetically sealed ham and cheese sandwiches???  Luckily like any good “grocery store”  they had the only thing I new how to make, bacon and eggs.  This is dinner four of bacon and eggs, tonight to get exotic I added some string cheese.

I think I will have to learn to cook and buy some groceries.  Either that or I am taking applications for a camp cook.


So, are you an RV’er

February 17

I wanted to scream “no I have an Airstream”.  Then I realized that wasn’t the question.  To the world there is no difference.  I remember the Harley Davidson poster I had, it said something like, “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand”.  So I simply said yes, without qualifying my “uniqueness”.

Later as I looked around the campground, I saw about a half dozen, fifty to sixty year olds with white beards.  Mmm.  I guess I will have to think some more about this RV’er thing.

I am in Big Bend National Park.  I arrived on Saturday, I think I will leave Tuesday or Wednesday.  It is beautiful.  My brother sniped after my saying I liked FL, that I used to despise FL.  The only state I thought I would never visit on Vacation was TX.  My Austin experience and now BBNP, I am a Texas fan.

Yesterday was my best day as an RV’er (see I am adapting).  I went on a hike in the mountains, took the Touareg off road into the desert, went in a hot spring on the Rio Grand, had a few beers and fell asleep in my lounge chair under the full moon.


Austin was cool

February 15

Austin was fun.  I stayed in a close to town State Park, McKinney Falls, for three nights.  Got to see the SoCo neighborhood and listen to some music for a couple of nights.  Drove up to Travis Lake and the hills northwest of town.  Boy they love their food trucks in Austin.  I will post some pictures when I have WiFi.

Drove towards Big Bend on Friday.  I will probably be in the Park by noon today.