So, are you an RV’er

February 17

I wanted to scream “no I have an Airstream”.  Then I realized that wasn’t the question.  To the world there is no difference.  I remember the Harley Davidson poster I had, it said something like, “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand”.  So I simply said yes, without qualifying my “uniqueness”.

Later as I looked around the campground, I saw about a half dozen, fifty to sixty year olds with white beards.  Mmm.  I guess I will have to think some more about this RV’er thing.

I am in Big Bend National Park.  I arrived on Saturday, I think I will leave Tuesday or Wednesday.  It is beautiful.  My brother sniped after my saying I liked FL, that I used to despise FL.  The only state I thought I would never visit on Vacation was TX.  My Austin experience and now BBNP, I am a Texas fan.

Yesterday was my best day as an RV’er (see I am adapting).  I went on a hike in the mountains, took the Touareg off road into the desert, went in a hot spring on the Rio Grand, had a few beers and fell asleep in my lounge chair under the full moon.



3 thoughts on “So, are you an RV’er

  1. kerry loudermilk

    ok, I’m PO’ed and jealous… i sit, 4pm at my desk of 33 years working my fingers to the bone while you are RV’ing….not fair, not right, not ………..i’m jealous. I almost wish the Rv gets a flat tire (not really)………kerry

  2. Rayewing1

    Hi Larry–We had a big snow storm Monday, but oddly, Wed., we are enjoying 46 degree temperature and the snow is melting! Will have two more days of warm weather before it gets cold again. Glad you enjoyed Texas and its parks. Where do you go next?–Love, Audrey and Rayy


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