Not dead yet

February 18,

My brother had this concern, “what are you going to eat”?  Granted, given that I ate every meal out and now was planning on camping he had a valid question.  On the road and visiting with friends in Nashville and Grayton beach, I basically had no problem.  I ate every meal out.  I knew it would be different soon.  Before I got to GBNP I went to Walmart and bought some fruit, nuts, trail mix (notice no real groceries), thinking there were stores in the park, right.
Luckily there are stores in the Park.  It is like shopping at the BP station.  I had plenty of beer, already, had the trail mix, what more could one need.  Frozen burritos, frozen pre-made hamburgers, pre-made and hermetically sealed ham and cheese sandwiches???  Luckily like any good “grocery store”  they had the only thing I new how to make, bacon and eggs.  This is dinner four of bacon and eggs, tonight to get exotic I added some string cheese.

I think I will have to learn to cook and buy some groceries.  Either that or I am taking applications for a camp cook.



3 thoughts on “Not dead yet

  1. Sue

    Drat! I knew we should have spent some of your time here teaching you a new skill and perhaps adding a small crockpot to your kitchen supplies! Looks like you are all alone in a patch of prickly pear with only a lone mesquite tree as a neighbor. Hope there are hookups behind that scrub! 🙂


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