Not a good sign

February 19,

So, the Touareg has a pretty sophisticated GPS system (someone recently suggested I read the manual) it gives you three route choices, so I picked “shortest distance”.  Maybe I should have hesitated when it said turn right on Old Maverick Road, but I didn’t.  In about 100 yards was “the sign”, Dirt Road next 14 Miles, High-clearance vehicles only.  OK, I need to turn around.  No 3-point turns with a 20 foot trailer.  After a while I realized there is only straight.  I rattled, bounced and avoided ruts for about an hour.  Didn’t see any other RV’ers on this route.  I obviously made it out.  Upon checking the Airstream (it is more brown than silver now) I noticed a brown liquid on the floor.  Uh-oh, should have emptied the holding tanks?  Upon further inspection and a little smelling I realized a “Shiner Bohemian Black Lager” exploded in the fridge.  I guess the only other damage is my ego and crowns from gritting my teeth for an hour.

Tonight I am camped at Balmorhea State Park in Texas on my way further west.  Couple of steaks in the fridge ;).



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