Arizona, no wait Nevada

February 27,

I left Las Cruces on Monday, but not before finding a new favorite coffee shop near NMSU.  I headed west into Southern Arizona.  Found a State Park Campground (Karchner Caverns) outside of the town of Benson that was very nice.  As soon as I got to AZ, I noticed a definite change in demographics.  I think I was the youngest RV’er in the park.  There were also lots of aliens.  That is what my Canadian golf partner kept referring to himself as.  I stayed for 3 nights, visiting the old west town of Tombstone, did the cavern tour and hiked in the Coranado National Forest.  Found a really good little Mexican Restaurant in Benson.

This morning I left my Airstream.  I paid a guy $25.00 and he promised it would still be there when I get back in 10-12 days.  I am on my way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for 5 days of skiing and snowmobiling with my brother.

Surprisingly I find myself in Las Vegas for a night on my way to Jackson. I know it doesn’t seem logical, but look at the map, there is no good way to get from Southern AZ to Jackson Hole.  There are mountains and big canyons in the way.



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