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Home Again

March 31

Long time between posts.  I arrived home in Evanston today.  Had to go home to do taxes.  Except for going over the handlebars on my mountain bike, the last two weeks have been great.  Stayed in Cottonwood until the 22nd.  Then picked up my friend Leslie in Phoenix and we did Sedona, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.   A great end to the first leg of my adventure.

The Touareg and Airstream are parked in Vegas awaiting my return.  The plan is to spend time in Southern Utah checking out it’s National Parks and wilderness areas.   So much to see and do.


Northern Arizona

March 18

Been bumming around in North AZ since last Friday.  I was in Show Low, AZ over the weekend.  Not one of my best choices.  Maybe I should avoid towns named after poker hands.  Actually it was the weather.  I went from Tucson where it was sunny and warm to higher elevation.  It was cool and very windy in Show Low. We even had rain.  I know I will get no sympathy from my midwest followers.

I am now in Cottonwood, AZ.  Back to sunshine and 70 degrees.  Cottonwood may be perfect.  A beautiful state campground, Dead Horse Ranch, a half mile from a nice tourist area with about a dozen restaurants and coffee shops (cooking problem solved).  I also learned that I know nothing about mountain biking.  In 5 minutes on a real trail I had been scratched, bruised stalled out on several little hills and my new bike has a flat tire.  Maybe time for a lesson.

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day.  I packed no green so I had to go buy a new shirt.


Back in the land of retirees

March 12,

Made it back to sunny Arizona from Jackson Hole on Monday.  From 10 feet of snow to looking for shade, 1,200 miles can make a difference.  I am in Coranado National Forest just northwest of Tucson.  Planning on moving to northern AZ over the next few days.

Trying to adjust to campground living.  My brother and I lived large for our six days in Wyoming. Everything was great, skiing, snowmobiling and eating/drinking.  Much different than solo Airstream life.

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Jackson Hole

March 5, 2014

Been in JH since Saturday.  Life is good!  Been warned about getting “stuck in the Hole”.  Me and my Bro been living large.  Ski one day, snowmobile the next.  Two National Parks, one great resort, many restaurants.  Way different than my solo Airstream living, but one does have to mix it up.