Another Day

April 23

Wow, did not sleep well last night. Some known reasons combined with fifty MPH winds rocking the Airstream. Decided not to hike today, tired and sore from yesterday. I would just drive around. After three hours I had to return to camp and relax with a beer. My senses were overwhelmed. The scenery, was crazy! I didn’t even try to take pictures. I went from my sagebrush and cottonwood campsite to lava flow and tall pines overlooking Zion Canyon. In between were red rock spires, white sandstone domes, green valley vistas, spring wild flowers, and oh yea a road delay by a small cattle drive and a real cowboy!

I know some of you are saying “who is writing this and what did they do with Larry”. Maybe after I watch the hockey game tonight I will calm down. Maybe not if the Blackhawks win.



2 thoughts on “Another Day

  1. Linda

    The scenery in and near Zion is amazing. I could live in Springdale for a portion of the year. Where were you driving?


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