Still Here

image imageApril 29

I am still in Zion National Park.  I moved from my BLM campsite to the Park campgrounds for a little more luxury.  It was interesting leaving the BLM site.    They don’t get much rain here, when they do it changes things.  My nice campsite turned into a mud bowl and my primary in and out road became impassable (a least for towing a trailer).  Luckily their was another way out.  It was pretty seeing the Zion peaks get covered with snow.

I drove to Bryce Canyon NP yesterday very cool.



5 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. Tim Mitchell

    Hey Lar,
    Can you get me set up so I can follow along with the adventures! Hey, I should set up a blog so everyone can follow along with shananigans that accur with the three stooges remodeling the shacks of Bass lake! 🙂

  2. Nealys on Wheels

    Hello Larry, from Jen & Deas (we met you at Kodachrome.) We left Kodachrome today and we’re now in Zion – just gorgeous! Hope you’re enjoying your next stop as well.

    1. Larry C Post author

      Jen and Deas, thanks for the Escalante pizza tip and all the newbie advice. I am at Calf Creek BLM between Escalante and Boulder, it is great. I am now following your blog, so get posting. Thanks, Larry


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