image imageMay 5, Cinco de Mayo

OK, raise your hand if you have ever heard of the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument. Well don’t feel bad, it is relatively new as far as monument status goes. So if your my age your parents didn’t take you here.

To be honest, if you are any age, unless your parents were really into rugged wilderness adventure sports like canyoneering, paleontologists (I think Ross on Friends was one) or hiding from the government you’ve probably not been here. If your very lucky you’ve driven between Bryce NP and Capital Reef NP on Scenic Highway 12.

GSENM is about 2 million acres of huge multicolored plateaus, cliffs and canyons mostly in a desert environment. I have been here for 5 days so far and it is cool. It has grand vista views as far as you can see, great hiking, beautiful campsites and friendly people. It doesn’t have cell phone coverage, internet access, tourist gift shops or many paved roads. The Touareg has gotten a workout.




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