Moab, Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and more

May 17

I arrived in Moab on Saturday. It rained Saturday night and all day Sunday. Over 1.5 inches for an area that averages 9.0 for the whole year. Very unusual for this time of year in the desert. So I did laundry, grocery shopping, housekeeping and took two showers. That’s a whole weeks worth.

Monday I moved to Arches NP for two nights. It was cool and windy but I had a very scenic campsite. Arches was beautiful, but way too crowded. I went to 3 different trailhead parking areas unable to park or hike because of crowds. I recently re-read the Edward Abbey book Desert Solitaire .  Abbey describes his love of the desert while working as a seasonal park ranger in Arches National Monument in the late 60’s.  In the book he fears what will happen to Arches as it gets National Park status. He termed it Industrial Tourism. He was right on all his predictions as visitors have climbed from 3,000 annually to over a million. I know it is cynical for me to complain about “Industrial Tourism” as I camp in the luxury of my Airstream. But hey, I have been called cynical all my life so what else is new.

In a recent blog I follow, a fellow RV’er commented about how funny it is watching folks scurrying to take pictures of squirrels and chipmunks. In Arches, I found it amusing tourists posing in front of the large photos of the arches in the visitor center. “Hey the real ones are just a few miles from here, get out of the car”.

After Arches, I moved back to Moab and visited Dead Horse Point State Park and Canyonlands National Park. Canyonlands, particularly the southern entry or “the Needles” area was beautiful without the crowds.

I hit all five National Parks in Utah along with some great National Monuments, State Parks, and National Forests. I have finished the first “planned” leg of my journey. The last month in Southern Utah has been amazing. I just left my Airstream in Moab and am driving back to Chicago for a rest. I gave a nice old lady $ 60.00 and she promised my trailer would still be there when I return around July 1st.


image image image


3 thoughts on “Moab, Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and more

    1. Lori

      You know, there is a reason it took me so long to finish school while I was in Utah, and it really had nothing to do with the classes! Glad you are enjoying the area. Safe travels back to Chicagoland!

  1. Leslie

    Time to move your camp to the forested parks. What out for bears! I hear that they like big, shiny, beer filled containers.


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