Monthly Archives: July 2014

Learning to Fish

July 26

Have spent the last five days camping along the Hoback River south of Jackson, WY. My camp site is thirty yards from an Osprey nest. Now these birds can fish!

Spent a small fortune at the Orvis store. I am a little embarrassed around the campground. You know the guy who can’t fish with all the new expensive gear. Spent two days flailing away by myself and not getting a nibble. I scared the poor kid who sold me my gear when I came back in and told him I wanted my money back. Instead I just bought more stuff.

Better than my Fly Fishing class, I went fishing all day yesterday with a couple that are real fisherman. I learned so much and caught a fish! Also went rafting with new friends down the Hoback and into the Snake. They have their own raft and have been guides for years.

Probably moving into Grand Teton NP in the next day or two.





I’m Back!

July 21




I left Nashville and headed to Beaver Creek, CO on Thursday July 10th. I took a two day fly fishing class in Colorado and reunited with my beloved Airstream in Moab, UT. on Monday. It was hot in Moab and I immediately headed for higher ground. I spent three nights in a State Park outside of Park City. First time in PC in the summer. It is nice but not as much fun as in February or March.

I tried out my new fly fishing skills on the Middle Provo River outside of Heber City. Let me just say, the trout are safe for a little while.

I headed for yet higher ground and drove up the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway in the Uinta Mountain Range and found my first mountain campsite at almost 10,000 feet (9,980 according to the GPS). It is very pretty up here with several small mountain lakes and lots of hiking. My first hike was classified as “moderate” but when it starts at 10,750 feet and ends about 12,000 feet it was reclassified as “difficult” in the OG book.

Also getting right back into “roughing it” with no hook-ups (electric and water) or cell coverage for four days. I am sure the folks camping in tents around me would argue with my definition of roughing it.

The Airstream is going to break free of the Utah spell and head for Wyoming.