Learning to Fish

July 26

Have spent the last five days camping along the Hoback River south of Jackson, WY. My camp site is thirty yards from an Osprey nest. Now these birds can fish!

Spent a small fortune at the Orvis store. I am a little embarrassed around the campground. You know the guy who can’t fish with all the new expensive gear. Spent two days flailing away by myself and not getting a nibble. I scared the poor kid who sold me my gear when I came back in and told him I wanted my money back. Instead I just bought more stuff.

Better than my Fly Fishing class, I went fishing all day yesterday with a couple that are real fisherman. I learned so much and caught a fish! Also went rafting with new friends down the Hoback and into the Snake. They have their own raft and have been guides for years.

Probably moving into Grand Teton NP in the next day or two.





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