Tetons and Yellowstone

August 3

I spent three days at the Gros Ventre (growvant) campground near Jackson. Fishing was good on the Gros Ventre River right next to camp. Leaving camp on Thursday morning was exciting. There were about  two hundred Bison (did you know Buffalo is incorrect), blocking my way. Normally this would be a wonderful photo opportunity, but I was in a campsite race to Yellowstone. If you don’t plan ahead you have to race for the first come first serve spaces. So while others were marveling at the site, I was the jerk beeping his horn urging them out of the way.

I thought I won the race. The campground had a nice spot left. While I was paying the nice lady, another volunteer was getting out his tape measure. “What’s that for?”. Sir, we have a 35 ft limit here. “No, problem my Airstream is only 20 ft”. No sir, total length including the tow vehicle. I am sorry sir you are 37ft, you can’t stay here. “You have got to be f..king kidding me!” No sir here is a complaint form if you are unhappy.

So here was my Thursday night view in majestic Yellowstone.


Luckily, there were better views later!



4 thoughts on “Tetons and Yellowstone

    1. rhonda

      ok…3 thoughts.
      congratulations, you have been measured to be too long.
      bison are cows that do weight-lifting for their arms.
      would have been funny if the bison started farting at you for tooting your horn.

      safe travels! 😉

  1. rhonda

    ps….hate glacier national park is warm…that is the one thing that saddened me about our idaho vacation………..it was hot.


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