so there I was….

August 15

Today was a moving day. Moving days are stressful.  I know.  Stress is relative. Anyhow I got a nice campsite. It had a small puddle from raining all night, but the sun was shining.  A half hour latter it started pouring rain and I soon had my own little lake. Nothing to do but take a nap.

After the rain it was really too late to do much so I walked to the general camp store probably about 1/4 mile away. On my way back I cut through the picnic area to walk along the lake. I was daydreaming about what a nice campsite this would be. I looked up and there He was! A huge Grizzly about 50 yards ahead of me. We both stopped. He turned his body, looked at me, turned away, and walked into the woods. I slowly turned and went the long way back to the Airstream.

When I was telling the ranger about my close encounter, he asked, was it a little cinnamon colored bear? I said NO, it was a huge, grey shouldered Grizzly Bear!

A half hour later, rangers were going to each campsite warning campers to take extra precautions as multiple bears had been spotted near camp. A cinnamon colored black bear and a Grizzly.




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