Glacier National Park

August 26,

I spent ten days in Glacier. It was beautiful and I will be back.  After my encounter with the grizzly bear, I found that I enjoyed “Ranger led hikes” more than my solo adventures.  I camped at three different campgrounds and made a day trip to Waterton, the Canadian appendage to Glacier. I enjoyed everything Huckleberry (hand picked wild berries, pancakes, muffins and of course pie). I would have stayed longer but the weather got crummy and there was nothing but rain in the forecast.  I headed west until the sun was shining and now I find myself near Portland, OR, camping in the Mt. Hood National Forest, near the Columbia River.

I am excited, this weekend I pick up my girlfriend Leslie in Portland and we will explore the coast of Oregon, with a bonus of seeing my sister who lives in Corvallis.

image image image image


One thought on “Glacier National Park

  1. Maribeth

    Hey Larry. Haven’t checked on you in a while. Looks like your grand adventure continues! Enjoy! You are living the dream!!


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