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October 23


Since I came back out West, I have been nursing a knee injury that has limited my ability to hike and bike.  In a sense I feel like I have become a tourist instead of a traveler if that makes sense.

Starting from Oregon, I dropped into California staying along the coast and  visiting The Redwoods National and State Park. Big Trees!


The weather looked good so I headed for higher ground. On my way to the Sierra’s,  I visited the gold mining towns of Jamestown, Sonora and Columbia.

After a little history I went to Yosemite and toured the NP for a few days.  The park was beautiful!  No Yosemite Falls or Mirror Lake in the current drought conditions.  I am sure I would have stayed longer, but without hiking it was difficult to get away from the crowds.

I am on my way to Arizona making a full loop from last March.



Back at it

October 11, 2014

I flew to Portland last Sunday and reunited with My beloved Airstream on Monday.  The Airstream had been at the spa and was all shiny and repaired.  Luckily and surprisingly all the repairs were under warranty and not deemed inflicted by mishandling. 😗

I spent Sunday and Monday in Corvallis with my sister and spouse.  Tuesday I was back along the coast heading south.  I have been at two Oregon State Parks, Sunset Bay and Bullards Beach. Both have been great, but I am in need of some sunshine so tomorrow I will head farther south to northern California.  Not sure where yet but probably will stay along the coast.

My goal for this leg is to get the Airstream far south for safe keeping while I return to Chicago for the winter.  Yes, I am a glutton for punishment!