Still Winter in Chicago

March 7, 2015

imageOK, so I’m not really “on the road” yet, but I have time for a little gloating. My brother and I just spent six days in Utah skiing and snowmobiling. We had a blast!

This was our 4th annual trip. Instead of staying at or near one of the resorts (we’ve stayed in Park City twice), we stayed in Salt Lake and hit four different ski areas. This has been a pretty tough year for snow in many places out West. We got lucky with 12-20 inches of fresh snow on our second day. The snowmobile tour company said we had the best day of the season! Our Salt Lake location also allowed us to eat twice at my favorite Mexican restaurant!

For those followers of this blog, more details to come, but I am starting to plan my 2015 Airstream travels and think I will hit the road around the first of April.

For anyone stumbling across this blog, you are probably wondering why someone retired, with an Airstream in southern Arizona spent the winter in Chicago. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.




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