Is it really all about the weather?

May 31, 2015

Yes, yes it is.  When you are living in a 20ft trailer, the weather is everything!  It stormed in Durango everyday we were there.  Not Texas size storms but enough to create mud everywhere.  Luckily the town of Durango is pretty neat.  We did get to watch a few hockey games and down a few microbrews.  I am sure it is beautiful but we were in the clouds most of the time.

We headed East and found some good weather and beautiful sites in Southern Utah.  Spent time here last year, so starting to feel like I know my way around.  The “Needles” area south of Moab was great.  We got to hike around And really experience the southern part of Canyonlands N.P.

Living the Dream, with one exception, Rex.  After hiking in Needles we found Rex dangling out the window after kicking out the screen, again.  Apparently he barked like a maniac the whole time we were gone disturbing the desert peace of our neighbor campers.  I think Rex is going to have some Larry training and drugs.

After several days of “dry camping”, we are now luxuriating in Moab with AC and cable TV.  It was fun watching the Blackhawks finish off the Ducks from my own bed.image image image



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