Mountain High

June 5, 2015

Left the desert (Moab) on Monday and have had a great week north of Ridgway, CO, near Ouray.  Cool dry air in the Mountains.  Amazing that you can drive 150 miles and change your environment so much.

Went fishing for the first time of the year yesterday on the Uncompaghre River.  What a disaster.  Wrong rod, wrong flies, spent most of the time sitting on a log untangling my messes.  But like the guides say, when you are not catching fish, look up and see where you are!

Leaving Ridgway State Park and heading for the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Today.  image


One thought on “Mountain High

  1. Linda Sullivan

    Ron came with me to San Juan Regional in Farmington, NM, this week. We are on our way to hike in the Bisti Wilderness. Then off to the Durango, CO, and Pagosa Springs areas next week. Yell and I may hear you.


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