Still in Utah

July 1, 2015

Must be Genetic, my sister Lori went to grad school in Utah, it took her years to get out.  When it was time to leave Flaming Gorge last week, I again looked at the map and the weather.  It is freakin hot everywhere out West these days!

You have to understand most camping in beautiful places is “dry camping”.  Dry means no power and water hookups.  The Airstreams solar panel and battery system still allow for modern conveniences, like hot coffee and a toilet, just on a limited basis. The biggest loss in dry camping is no A/C.  The perfect solution was high in the Uinita Mountains along The Mirror Lake Highway about 50 miles east of Park City.  We spent 4 nights at 10,000 ft.  Daytime highs about 80, nighttime around 50!  This is an area I visited last summer and was glad to return to. Not far from the mountain my brother and I went snowmobiling on in March.

Alas, all good things must end. We are in civilization, Salt Lake, where it is 96.  The Touareg needed some service and Rex had to get a haircut.






2 thoughts on “Still in Utah

  1. Linda

    Ron and I were about a week behind you last month. We spent an extra day in Farmington after my visit to a client and hiked the Bisti Wilderness area. Then we headed to Durango for 3 days and Pagosa Springs for another 3 days. I really liked Durango – went to Mesa Verde for a day trip from there.


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