Land of The Rio Grande

May 22, 2016

Don’t know what happened.  I posted an update about Taos last week and it’s gone.  It was really good too with awesome photos.  Oh well.

Fishing isn’t always relaxing. Yesterday I dropped my reel into the fast moving water of the Red River. You feel very helpless watching it wash away while you have about 150 yards of line to frantically pull in hand over hand hoping that the clerk at the store tied a good knot at the end. He did and will now get a Yelp 5 star review.

Luckily we are very remote here in Northern New Mexico and there were no witnesses or hidden video cameras. We are camped in the “Wild Rivers” area of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. We are seven hundred feet above the confluence of the Rio Grande and Red Rivers. We hiked down to the Red yesterday. Down is pretty easy. Up is another story. Today is a day of rest.





3 thoughts on “Land of The Rio Grande

  1. lesliep41

    ” Down was pretty easy. Up is another story.” Forty stories, to be exact!
    Under my breath, I managed to name it the stairwell from Hell!


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