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Travel Friends

June 26, 2016

This is my third year traveling and camping in the Airstream. You meet lots of people. Sometimes you even accidentally cross paths more than once.  I don’t make friends very easily.  I think I have only made one new friend while camping and sadly he passed away this spring.

I say friend, it’s kind of odd. We met three times. Maybe had two beers together. Exchanged some emails. I think we were friends. Maybe Rob was just one of those folks that everyone he meets feels like a friend. He invited me twice to his wilderness home in Idaho. Both times we had to cancel due to summer wildfires in his “neighborhood”.  We had Airstreams in common. Me, a novice, I think Rob said he had had thirteen.

The first time we met was on the Green River in Wyoming. Rob was going to a vintage Airstream rally with his Argosy. We started talking and I wanted to take notes. He was telling me more about my trailer than I had learned during six months of research and four months of hard knocks. It turns out his other Airstream and mine were twins separated at the factory.

Last summer, Rob drove about eighty miles to meet Leslie, Rex and I and have our second beer together. His health was failing, yet he still had that desire to share his passions. I will miss Rob Allen. I will think about him when in Idaho and particularly when traveling the winding, beautiful Highway 12 near his home on the Selway River.



and there we were….

June 22, 2016

Picking a campground/destination isn’t always easy. You study the maps. Use your Apps. Find someplace that sounds interesting. Take some chances.


There we were, down the narrow gravel road about five miles. Small sign says Hobble Creek CG 14 Miles. Well were already five into it, what the heck. Drive about seven miles down an ever more rutted and seemingly narrowing road and sign says Hams Fork CG Six Miles. “Hams Fork”, what happened to Hobble Creek?  Oops, wrong turn!


Well its just a big loop so let’s keep going. No more signs, other than those directing the foresting trucks creating the ruts.  Good thing it was Sunday and we weren’t competing for space. About 10 miles later we see a sign, Hobble Creek CG Five Miles. We were at about 9,000 ft and the campground was at 7,200 ft. We took the slow, downhill, winding road to the bottom of a beautiful valley.  About a mile from the CG the road was flooded.

I could see it was flooded in two spots. Dam beavers. I got out of the Touareg and walked through the creek verifying that the water wasn’t too deep or moving too fast. What the hell, we forded the creek. Almost there.

Oops again, there are two creeks in this valley. The second one was impassable. No going forward, no turning around. That just leaves backing up. Just another day, living the dream.



June 10, 2016

We have just spent five nights in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Sometimes when you make a reservation (which is rare) you are not sure what you will get.  We had to circle our campsite as I was sure it was too small for the Airstream and Touareg.  We gave it our best and got it in.


Ah, but it is not the parking space but your backyard that matters.


The elusive elk were suddenly everywhere.


Spring runoff was hiding the fish.😥


A highlight for me was driving the Trail Ridge Road.  Well maybe not driving, but watching the expression on Leslie’s face as we drove on the outside edge at 12,000 feet with no gaurdrails. ☺️

Including last years journey, we have been to all the Colorado National Parks!

Edging North in Colorado

June 3, 2016

A little bit of a maintenance week. We camped south of Colorado Springs in order to get service for the TV (remember from early lessons TV is Tow Vehicle, in our case the Touareg).  We were in Cheyenne Mountain State Park, a very nice campground.  The most unique feature is that it is across from Fort Carson. So for a few days we woke to Reveille and went to sleep to Taps.

We were in Colorado Springs when The President flew in for commencement at the Air Force Academy.  We left during commencement and missed the crash of the Airforce Thunderbird.

We have now moved further north, just outside of Loveland, waiting to go to Rocky Mountain NP on Sunday.image