Edging North in Colorado

June 3, 2016

A little bit of a maintenance week. We camped south of Colorado Springs in order to get service for the TV (remember from early lessons TV is Tow Vehicle, in our case the Touareg).  We were in Cheyenne Mountain State Park, a very nice campground.  The most unique feature is that it is across from Fort Carson. So for a few days we woke to Reveille and went to sleep to Taps.

We were in Colorado Springs when The President flew in for commencement at the Air Force Academy.  We left during commencement and missed the crash of the Airforce Thunderbird.

We have now moved further north, just outside of Loveland, waiting to go to Rocky Mountain NP on Sunday.image





2 thoughts on “Edging North in Colorado

  1. mozertme

    How ironic, a Blue Angel jet (which are stationed here) also crashed in Smyrna, TN. Pilot did not survive. I am sure it was cool seeing the President’s plane.


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