June 10, 2016

We have just spent five nights in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Sometimes when you make a reservation (which is rare) you are not sure what you will get.  We had to circle our campsite as I was sure it was too small for the Airstream and Touareg.  We gave it our best and got it in.


Ah, but it is not the parking space but your backyard that matters.


The elusive elk were suddenly everywhere.


Spring runoff was hiding the fish.😥


A highlight for me was driving the Trail Ridge Road.  Well maybe not driving, but watching the expression on Leslie’s face as we drove on the outside edge at 12,000 feet with no gaurdrails. ☺️

Including last years journey, we have been to all the Colorado National Parks!


9 thoughts on “RMNP

  1. mozertme

    Pikes Peak is the same way with no guardrails. At least there were none when I went many moons ago! We enjoy your posts and especially the pics. Keep on sharing.

  2. Dana Moore

    Thank you for not taking time to document Leslie’s face during the drive. 🙂
    Where are y’all headed next?

  3. cdhester

    Hey Guys!
    My aunt Suzi and her husband, Brad are retired funsters as well. They and their dog are touring in a VW pop camper. Last fall they hit the road from their home in Seattle and traveled Florida via California, Arizona and New Orleans. They came through Franklin in April and “camped” in front of our house in Westhaven for a few days. As you can imagine, the neighbors were quite curious. They’re probably back in Seattle by now but I wonder if your paths have crossed…

    They are not online, but here’s her email in case you want to reach out: suzangrimm@gmail.com
    Hope you’re doing well. Stop in and see us anytime!


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