and there we were….

June 22, 2016

Picking a campground/destination isn’t always easy. You study the maps. Use your Apps. Find someplace that sounds interesting. Take some chances.


There we were, down the narrow gravel road about five miles. Small sign says Hobble Creek CG 14 Miles. Well were already five into it, what the heck. Drive about seven miles down an ever more rutted and seemingly narrowing road and sign says Hams Fork CG Six Miles. “Hams Fork”, what happened to Hobble Creek?  Oops, wrong turn!


Well its just a big loop so let’s keep going. No more signs, other than those directing the foresting trucks creating the ruts.  Good thing it was Sunday and we weren’t competing for space. About 10 miles later we see a sign, Hobble Creek CG Five Miles. We were at about 9,000 ft and the campground was at 7,200 ft. We took the slow, downhill, winding road to the bottom of a beautiful valley.  About a mile from the CG the road was flooded.

I could see it was flooded in two spots. Dam beavers. I got out of the Touareg and walked through the creek verifying that the water wasn’t too deep or moving too fast. What the hell, we forded the creek. Almost there.

Oops again, there are two creeks in this valley. The second one was impassable. No going forward, no turning around. That just leaves backing up. Just another day, living the dream.



2 thoughts on “and there we were….

  1. lesliep41

    You have left off the best part….we spent two days and nights boondocking there. Nothing but creek and animal noises! Sooo awesome! Do not miss the crush of humanity and its constantly soul eroding noise.!😊


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