Travel Friends

June 26, 2016

This is my third year traveling and camping in the Airstream. You meet lots of people. Sometimes you even accidentally cross paths more than once.  I don’t make friends very easily.  I think I have only made one new friend while camping and sadly he passed away this spring.

I say friend, it’s kind of odd. We met three times. Maybe had two beers together. Exchanged some emails. I think we were friends. Maybe Rob was just one of those folks that everyone he meets feels like a friend. He invited me twice to his wilderness home in Idaho. Both times we had to cancel due to summer wildfires in his “neighborhood”.  We had Airstreams in common. Me, a novice, I think Rob said he had had thirteen.

The first time we met was on the Green River in Wyoming. Rob was going to a vintage Airstream rally with his Argosy. We started talking and I wanted to take notes. He was telling me more about my trailer than I had learned during six months of research and four months of hard knocks. It turns out his other Airstream and mine were twins separated at the factory.

Last summer, Rob drove about eighty miles to meet Leslie, Rex and I and have our second beer together. His health was failing, yet he still had that desire to share his passions. I will miss Rob Allen. I will think about him when in Idaho and particularly when traveling the winding, beautiful Highway 12 near his home on the Selway River.



4 thoughts on “Travel Friends

  1. Dana Moore

    So glad you all met. There are no accidents in this life! He had an impact on you, and that is awesome.

  2. mozertme

    Sorry to hear about your friend’s passing. A friend is a friend, no matter how much time you spent together.

  3. Sue

    Hey Larry & Leslie! Sorry you never made it to your friend’s home before he moved on to the great campground in the sky… Your adventure with the local beavers’ landscaping left my jaw hanging open. 🙂 Someone should invent a travel trailer that can be towed from either end – wouldn’t THAT have been handy!


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