July 14, 2017


Got your attention.  Seems bears are the new sharks.  We are in Glacier National Park.  All anyone wants to know is “seen any bears”?  Nope, not yet.

All the Rangers talk about are bears.  Got bear spray? Know how to use it? Can you tell a Grizzly from a Black Bear?  A few weeks ago, one of their own was killed by a bear. Apparently he surprised a bear on his mountain bike (the ranger was on the bike). On our way here we camped south of Bozeman along the Gallitan River.  That campground had a bear trap, complete with crime scene tape. Seems they had their own “nuisance” black bear.

Leslie is obsessed, dreams of Grizzly Bears and is becoming an expert on bear behavior.

Lucky for me I’ve seen one up close, right here in Glacier, right here in this campground ( and don’t feel the need to see another.  I can focus on important things like huckleberry pie, fishing and sightseeing.


Besides I think the bears are busy focusing on honey and their own hundred acre woods.




3 thoughts on “Bears

    1. Laurie

      Leslie…the bear whisperer…had me bear phobic when I headed to Gatlinburg
      I ordered amazons Best bear spray and we took it everywhere. Ours are the smaller version but still are known to maul and kill peeps.
      I just found your site again. I thought I had signed on to follow you but sadly I am IT challenged.
      Have fun. Catch some fish for me and tell my sessie I love her!
      Love Laurie

  1. rhondarhamilton

    ” (the ranger was on the bike)” shame on you for tearing away my lovely mental image of the bike riding bear. cool pic!
    FEAR….seems like that’s all humans are trained to do these days. I grew up in Idaho…bears ate out of our trash cans in town. My Gramma used to throw golf balls at them. We knew not to get between a mother and her baby, but other than that, no big deal. Now, that’s referencing black bears….grizzlies….another story. Badgers (especially honey badgers) are an entirely different matter.


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