Fly Fishing

July 28, 2016

Fly fishing is a struggle.  It is particularly frustrating knowing you just happen to be on some of the best rivers in the country.  In the last week or so, I’ve fished on the North Fork of the Flathead, the Blackfoot and the Lochsa rivers.  Some success, but none of those 20 fish days I’ve heard of.

A wise woman explains fly fishing.

The Successesimage


“It is an art that is performed on a four-count rhythm between ten and two o’clock.”  (Description of the fly cast from A River Runs Through It.)



8 thoughts on “Fly Fishing

  1. mozertme

    Nice fish. Was it a keeper and a meal? As I mentioned to Leslie, the pic of you fishing looks like the cover of a sportsman’s magazine. Is “Fly Fishing 101 by The Casual Observer” for real? 👍🐟

  2. Karen George

    Love the Fly fishing 101 by Leslie. Looks so peaceful just like one of my Favorite movies A River Runs through it. So glad you are having better Luck. Keep up the Good work!

  3. eric

    I’ve been fly fishing for 30 years and I still feel like a beginner. I learn something new every trip. That’s a nice fish.


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