Vacation from Vacation?

August 10, 2016

We just left Corvallis, OR.  We visited with my sister Lori and her spouse Shayla.  We got to be in a house (we still slept in the Airstream in the driveway).  Walk in a neighborhood not a campground.  The Airstream and Rex each got a long overdue bath.  Pretty normal stuff for a few days.

We are now back on the road and on the Oregon coast.  Shayla  and Lori followed us.  This is definitely Leslie’s favorite environment. She is walking around with a perpetual smile.





6 thoughts on “Vacation from Vacation?

  1. lesliep41

    It was the great company in the lovely town of Corvallis that kept me smiling. Lori, Shayla and their sweet pets were the best of expanded ” family time” that I had been missing. But the huge, old growth wood that we are camping in with the most magical of coasts mear yards away…. The quaintness of the small towns…….I LOVE IT HERE!☺️❤️😊 Thanks for this my Handsome one!

    p.s. It’s 72 degrees mid-day!!!

  2. Laurie

    Love the pics. Everyone happy! So you got to live in a house for a few days. Confining? Miss you three! Love Laurie

  3. Scott Groom

    Nice!! Looks serine – easy to see how that scene could evoke smiles. It’s been great to watch your summer – a little hit in Cooperstown but getting perfect. Consider visiting, friends.


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