The Beach and the Woods

August 26, 2016

I was going to write this post about how I liked the woods and Leslie likes the beach.  And of course the woods are better, blah, blah, blah.  Now we are not talking about just any woods here,  I’m talking about the beautiful, coastal Redwoods of Northern California.

We have come down the coast from central Oregon and are now in California.  If you look at the map tab on the blog, you will see about five stops along the “beach” in Oregon.  Leslie calls it the Sea.  I think most say the Ocean or “the Coast”.  The coast is good if you like cool, foggy weather, scenic views, walking with your dog in the sand, collecting rocks and other debris, sunsets and stuff like that.image

Now the Redwoods…nothing like them anywhere.  Walking through a redwood forest is a religious experience.  The calm, quiet, majesty of nature.



It’s a good thing we don’t have to compare which is best cause we have both.



6 thoughts on “The Beach and the Woods

  1. Laurie

    Leslie like chicken of the sea…so there you go with calling the ocean the sea. I must say since it has sea creatures in it instead of ocean creatures I must agree with sessie. Keep living the dream for all of us because it really intragrates joy in my life through your eyes. Love Laurie

  2. Auntie Linda

    Ah, what a conundrum, magestic endless ocean or magnificent giant forest. Which is best? But lucky you have both. Here where I am, on Florida’s east coast we call it the ocean, but you never hear of sailors or fishermen going to ocean, they go to sea. So you guys have a win-win, you got to “sea” the ocean and be isolated from everything by the wonder of the forest. BTW, my favorite rehab exercise from knee replacement was “video cycling through the redwoods”. But nothing like actually being there, love the photo next to the tree trunk.

  3. Scott Groom

    It’s great to see you both happy and among your favorite landscapes. I look forward to talking with you guys about your adventures sometime soon!


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