From Redwoods to Wedding

September 4, 2016

We have been on the “Central Coast” south of San Francisco for about a week.  I continue to get lost and surprised at every turn.  When I expect urban sprawl I find winding, forested hillsides.  We are now in Monterrey/Carmel.  Every time I get in the car we get lost.  It’s beautiful, but sometimes I miss the gridded streets of Chicago.

We have just had a great time at our friends, Kristy and Brian’s wedding celebration.  They did it perfectly, traveled 2000 miles from home, rented out a Pebble Beach home and had a poolside barbecue.



7 thoughts on “From Redwoods to Wedding

  1. Laurie

    Love the photos! Japanese style wedding? After I talked to you guys today I looked up some of the rentals….amazing!

  2. Dana Moore

    SO cool! I think you all should rent the same place and invite us all out for a long weekend- I am sure it won’t cost much. 🙂


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