Can of Corn

May 17, 2017

We spent 3 very pleasant days at Cade’s Cove in Smokey Mountain National Park.  It was perfect  timing before summer families and flying insects invade.   We drove up to Gatlinburg to peek at the fudge shops and see how the town was coming back from the devastating fire last November.  It appears from the casual observer that Gatlinburg is doing well and is ready for the crowds to return.

We moved down to Tellico Plains and camped at Indian Boundary off the Cherohala Parkway. This served two goals:  revisit the Tellico River from paddling days and attempt to Fly Fish in Eastern Rivers.  The Tellico was running well and we watched some good paddlers on Baby Falls.

I got to fly fish on both the Tellico River and Citico Creek.  Each with no success.  This was disappointing as both are heavily stocked with Rainbow Trout and fished very successfully by many locals.  On my debriefings it was explained to me that flies and things were much harder and that most fish were caught with corn.

We are currently staying at our friend Sue’s cabin home near Murphy, NC.


3 thoughts on “Can of Corn

  1. rhondarhamilton

    love your post…..sorry you didn’t get any fish by fly fishing….but, i grew up knowing you were supposed to use corn for trout fishing in gatlinburg……would love to know if you could find out why that is! we didn’t use corn for trout out west. what’s up?

  2. findlarry Post author

    The best explanation I found is that these are “hatchery” trout, raised on trout chow, little grain pellets which include corn. I also think the corn is dumped in the river to “chum” for trout so they get more used to it.


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