June 27, 2017

This is the third year in a row we have been to the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.  If anyone were to ask why, I would probably say “well it’s between Colorado and Wyoming”.  Truth is, it’s a beautiful area and surprisingly quiet for camping. Flaming Gorge Reservoir Is formed by the impoundment of the Green River by its dam in northern Utah. It forms the largest reservoir in Wyoming, over 90 miles in length. We did drive all the way around it a few years ago  (

And then there is the Green River that comes shooting out of the Dam. This stretch of the Green, coming from the reservoir, happens to have a gazillion trout.

Everywhere we have been so far has been unfishable due to large winter snowpack and extended Spring runoff.  This Green is running full bore at 9,000 CFS.  No wading in this water.  Yet it is crystal clear.  The only way to fish is with an experienced guide who can handle the pushy water and knows the river. This section of the Green River is arguably the most prolific trout stream in the United States. Utah Dept. of Natural Resources estimates put the number of fish as high as 20,000 per mile for the first several miles below the dam. The water is so clear the fish seem to be everywhere.

I am glad to report, the Green lived up to its reputation.  With my experienced guide, Spencer, I had my best day fishing  (measured by fish) ever.

5 thoughts on “Fish!

  1. rhondarhamilton

    WOW those are some nice trout! that first one really showed the beautiful colors they have.. do you guys clean and grill them? yum.
    absolutely love and miss mountain rivers.

    1. findlarry Post author

      No I strictly “catch and release” my trouts. In this case, Spencer was handling in order to get them back into the river ASAP.

  2. rhondarhamilton

    ‘20,000 per mile for the first several miles below the dam. The water is so clear the fish seem to be everywhere” well, you could’ve just given leslie a net and said….”go scoop them up”………..well….i think only true indians get to do that. 😉

  3. Spencer

    Hey Larry! I had a great time fishing with you! It looks like you’ve been traveling to some great spots. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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