Love My Rivers, ll

July 5, 2017

OK, we discussed the amazing rivers of Colorado a few weeks ago.  Now we are in Western Wyoming.  These Rocky Mountains produce some spectacular rivers that also go in multiple directions.  I caught those beautiful trout on the Green down in Utah a few weeks ago.  The Green originates in the Wind River Range just south of Jackson Hole.  The Green is the Green for 700 miles until the confluence with the Colorado in Canyonlands NP in Utah.  You remember what happens to the Colorado?

Last week we were in the Grand Tetons.  The Snake fronts the Tetons as it flows from Yellowstone NP.  The Snake is the longest tributary (over 1,000 miles) of the Columbia River, the largest North American river, which flows to the Pacfic Ocean in Washington State.

Just a few miles from the source of the Snake is the source of the Yellowstone.  The Yellowstone flows Northeast for about 700 miles before it becomes part of the Missouri joining the Arkansas flowing to the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. That Continental Divide again.



5 thoughts on “Love My Rivers, ll

  1. rhondarhamilton

    Cool…I used to live in Lewiston, Id, where the Clearwater River merges with the Snake. Had never really thought about its orgin….Just knew it was a dang long river, but apparently it is only #9 in the USA. Enjoy!

  2. Auntie Linda

    Yo, vagabonds! Larry, are these photos from an iPhone or a digital camera, they are spectacular! All of your photos are great. Chuck and i were at the Continental Divide years ago, but at the Eisenhower Tunnel in Colorado. Also, I’m curious, you are in what looks like cold weather gear, how do you guys manage to pack for so much diversity of terrain and weather?

    1. findlarry Post author

      Sorry, I cheated severely on the photos. I believe they all are iPhone photos but none are from this year. The first photo is the Green as it appears in Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The second is of a raft, from a raft floating down the Snake River four years ago on an adventure trip I took in Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. The third photos was of the Yellowstone, three years ago at the falls overlook. The final is from 3 years ago when my brother and I went skiing and snowmobiling in Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, passing the continental divide on our way to Old Faithful.


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