Photos from Trips

July – August 2015

Wyoming, Montana, Idaho

May – June 2015

Arizona, Colorado, Utah

October 2014

Oregon, N. California, Yosemite, Arizona

Summer 2014 (July – September)

Spent time in Wyoming, Montana and Oregon

Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, May 2014

Capital Reef National Park, May 2014

GSENM, April, May 2014

Includes time spent at Kodachrome State Park, Calf Creek, Escalante and Boulder areas.

Zion National Park, April 2014

Hung around Zion for about 10 days, boondocked on BLM land as well as camped in the Park.

Jackson Hole, WY March 2014

Spent a week in JH skiing and snowmobiling with my brother, what a blast!

Big Bend National Park February 2014

Spent five days in BBNP,  this was our (me and the Airstream) first NP and on the “list”.


The Journey Begins February 2014

My brother and I went to Milwaukee picked up the Airstream and my Journey begins.

Maine August 2013

Why do I go to Maine every year?  Maybe when I figure it out I will have to stop going.

Grand Tetons July

Went to Jackson Hole Wyoming and camped and sea kayaked mostly in the Grand Tetons.  The outfitter was O.A.R.S.  they did a great job.


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