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July 17, 2017

I’ve been to Yellowstone six times.  All in the last five years. When I think about what it is that attracts us, it’s obvious.  When Leslie and I talk about going out West, Yellowstone is just assumed part of the trip.  But Yellowstone is bigger than the National Park. It always includes everything around it, Jackson Hole, The Tetons, The Rivers, Bridger/Teton And Targhee National Forests, etc. Luckily, there is already a term for what I am trying to say: The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

So technically we were in Yellowstone NP only four days, we’ve been in the Ecosystem for three weeks.  This last week, we have been on the backside of the Tetons, in Idaho.

If you are interested here is a good NPS link.  Read it quick, while it still mentions things like Climate Change, Air and Water Quality and Protecting Wildlife.


2017 Ecosystem Photos


The World Series is Over

October 30, 2014

I don’t watch baseball so it really doesn’t matter.  What does matters is my first Airstream year is over.  I parked my baby in a storage lot in southern, AZ.  Hopefully it will still be there after the Holidays when I get back on the road.

It has been a great nine months.  A little recap.  On January 31st my brother and I picked up my new Airstream in Milwaukee.  As we headed to Chicago we were in a blizzard.  The original plans went out the window, we threw my stuff in the trailer and I left town!

In those nine months:

1) I put 24,000 miles on the VW Touareg

2) I spent 170 nights “camping”

3) I put 9,000 miles on the Airstream

4) I visited 14 National Parks, countless State Parks, National Forests, and BLM lands

5) I started my new hobby of Fly Fishing

6) Met lots of fellow RV’ers 😉

7) I have a Girlfriend😍

8) I didn’t die (just minor bruises, abrasions and sprains)

All in all a great time!

imageA tribute to the Touareg and its handling of my abuse! (Credit J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton)

Buying the TV

My new airstream world has its own language. I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise. TV equals tow vehicle.  My initial thinking was you want to tow a trailer you buy a pickup truck.  The plan was to buy a pickup truck and leave it with the trailer. This meant I would have two vehicles. On my first airstream dealer visit, I was talking about TVs with the salesperson. I told him I really didn’t want a pickup truck.  I used to own one.  He mentioned the VW Touareg.  I did a little research and fell in love with the idea of the Touareg.

Goodbye Subaru hello Volkswagen.


I have found that the Touareg has its own jargon and cult following. This is a T3 TDI (diesel).  It does not yet have a name I think in the blog world everything is supposed to have a name.  I am open to suggestions.