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July 17, 2017

I’ve been to Yellowstone six times.  All in the last five years. When I think about what it is that attracts us, it’s obvious.  When Leslie and I talk about going out West, Yellowstone is just assumed part of the trip.  But Yellowstone is bigger than the National Park. It always includes everything around it, Jackson Hole, The Tetons, The Rivers, Bridger/Teton And Targhee National Forests, etc. Luckily, there is already a term for what I am trying to say: The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

So technically we were in Yellowstone NP only four days, we’ve been in the Ecosystem for three weeks.  This last week, we have been on the backside of the Tetons, in Idaho.

If you are interested here is a good NPS link.  Read it quick, while it still mentions things like Climate Change, Air and Water Quality and Protecting Wildlife.


2017 Ecosystem Photos


Happy Holiday

July 4, 2016

On my way back from the toilet this morning I saw a Bald Eagle.  Very majestic. Maybe you get to see them in other places, but I got to see mine today in Yellowstone.  Very fitting on the 4th.image

We have been in The Grand Tetons and now Yellowstone for over a week.  When we decided to be in “The Parks” on the holiday it sounded crazy, we hate crowds, but it’s worked out great.  You wanna get away just take a walk and you will have wilderness to yourselves.


Then there is my favorite fisherman’s adage “if your not catching fish, just look up”.


Happy Holiday